Michael Crosby

Do You Love Me? Jesus Questions The Church

"Filled with insights, simultaneously scholarly and pointedly connected to the life of the contemporary church."Marcus J. Borg, author of Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time"Michael Crosby has always had a special vocation to put necessary but sometimes painful questions to the church about its own fidelity to the gospel. In "Do You Love Me?" he shines the light of John's gospel on the church's dark places, not to condemn, but to remind us of the love in which God washes us each moment. Christians seeking to live in a church flowing with such love will thank Crosby for this powerful, heartfelt reflection." 
--Wes Howard-Brook, co-author of Unveiling Empire

"Michael Crosby has opened up the Gospel of John with a unique key: his own sensitivity to contemporary social issues. He reads the text with an eye to the insights gleaned from the social sciences, but he engages it through the reader-response method. This book will enlighten, affirm, or challenge one's Christology, ecclesiology, and understanding of social responsibility. Its concerns are both timely and eschatological. It will enrich a broad audience." 
-- Dianne Bergant, C.S.A., Catholic Theological Union

Michael Crosby's reflections take us into the heart of John's gospel. He highlights an important theme: the tension between a model of the church that gives emphasis to the Petrine principle of apostolic authority and a model of the church-characterized by the Beloved Disciple-that gives greater emphasis to loving service and discipleship. As Crosby shows, it is in balancing the roles of both Peter and the Beloved Disciple that the church best reflects the spirit of Christ.

Michael H. Crosby, Capuchin-Franciscan, is a popular writer and lecturer. He is the author of twelve books including The Dysfunctional Church, The Spirituality of the Beatitudes, andThe Seven Last Words. He gives talks around the world on biblical spirituality geared for "First World" society and corporate responsibility.

Cover design: Jerry Braatz

Cover artwork: Ford Madox Brown's "Jesus Washing Peter's Feet"

Tate Galley, London/Art Resource, NY