Michael Crosby

Thank God Ahead of Time - The Life and Spirituality of Venerable Solanus Casey

Solanus Casey is the first man born in the United States to be declared "Venerable" by the Roman Catholic Church. This biography resulted from consultation with people who lived and worked with him. It shows how the average person is called to sanctity. It offers a way, as Solanus once wrote: "Whereby, according to the lives of the saints, we may if we try, to ascend to great sanctity and to an astonishing familiarity with God even here as piligrims to the Beatific Viision."

"Thank God ahead of Time is an example of the best kind of contemporary hagiography, combinging as it does the spiritual nourishment of an edifying portrait of Father Casey and the intellectual pleasure of Father Crosby's masterful theological reflection. It is a fitting tribute to this humble and holy man and a gift to its readers."
--Catholic Telegraph