Michael Crosby

The Paradox of Power

Moving from Control to Compassion in a Violent World

power, such as control or repression, have come to define our way of being. This is also true for people living in faith communities. But power is more than a force preventing us from doing something. It's also a force for creativity and wisdom--a force that Christians should desire for themselves, their families, and their communities. In this book, Michael Crosby helps us understand this forgotten side of power. By drawing from real-life examples as well as theory, the author shows us how the creative energy of power can heal and construct healthy relationships, marriages, and families, as well as successful organizations such as corporations, churches, and even nations.

For reasons of space three chapters were omitted from the book (on War, Hate and Indifference) as well as an Index of the book itself, including these three chapters.

"I picked up this book for some light Holiday reading last year... I've ended up recommending it to countless friends, family and colleagues... I thought it would be a useful personal enrichment book, and it has ended up being a 'professional must-read'. Anyone involved in community engagement, community organizing, and/or working with neighborhoods will be well served reading this book - and applying its practical tools and techniques. Its advice is pure common sense yet powerful; spiritual yet mundane; truly beauty in simplicity. enJoy!"
--Reemberto Rodriguez, Organizer, NeighborhoodWorks