Michael Crosby

The Seven Last Words

"It is not so much that the words are fulfilled in us as that the Word is enfleshed in us. It is not so much that those "seven last words" are translated in our lives as that the Word transforms us into those words."
--Michael H. Crosby

This new book by the popular author of The Dysfunctional Church and Spirituality of the Beatitudes is his most personal and poetic, full of reflection and challenge. The Seven Last Words reveals the powerful implications for contemporary followers of Jesus in the final words from the cross.

Crosby leads us into a meditation that reflects on each work in the context of the Gospel and of Jesus' time as well as ours. Every chapter includes an application of the word's enduring message, using particular examples ("ikons") from contemporary life that enflesh the word for readers today.

The Seven Last Words makes profound spiritual reading not only for personal Lenten reflection but for groups studying the scriptures and everyone concerned with making the scriptures come alive.

"The ancient familiar works are made to reverberate with contempory exegesis and illustrations. The result is a moving reflection that reveals the depth of Jesus' words so that they echo loudly in our own hearts and struggles for justice and hope."
--Megan McKenna

Michael H. Crosby, Capuchin-Franciscan (Midwest Province) coordinates the Spirituality of the Beatitudes Program and the Wisconsin and Minnesota Coalitions for Responsible Investment. He has lectured, offered workshops, and guided retreats aroung the country. His other books include "Do You Love Me?" and Spirituality of the Beatitudes.