Michael Crosby

Church Reform

Church ReformThe Church that is the mystical body of Christ is filled with the Life-Force of the Christ. We call this the Holy Spirit. However the Church is also a human organization. As such it is filled with humans who sin. Church Reform is about transforming the organizational dimension of the Church into ever-deeper reflections of its mystical core.

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Michael Crosby's Keynote Address for the 25th Anniversary of Future Church in Cleveland Ohio November 12, 2016

NCR August 7, 2014
Science challenges us to show that our Catholic faith is supremely meaningful

The Gospel at the Heart of the Church

Practicing the Truth in Love

"How Do We Judge Pope Francis' 'Who Am I to Judge'?"

NCR Jan 4-18, 2013
Stupid Catholics? Does Paul’s adjective for the Galatian church apply today?

The Tablet, 1 September 2012
More background on the Day of Reflection given in the Middle East

NCR, July 24, 2012
Quoted priest to bishop on LCWR: I stand by what I said

Summer, 2011

June 11, 2010

The Trinity as a Model of Social & Ecclessiastical Organization

April 18, 2010

Assumptions about the Future of Religious Life in Apocalyptic Times

BEYOND THE NOTRE DAME BROUHAHA: How U.S. Catholics Are Tuning Out Their Bishops (PDF)

May, 2009

Is Tradition Eclipsing the Scriptures in the Catholic Church?; Changing Our Mentality about "Church" (PDF)

November, 2008

Why Didn't John the Baptist Commit Himself to Jesus as a Disciple? (PDF)

April, 2008

Can Religious Life be Prophetic? (PDF)

Spring, 2008

Rethinking a Key Biblical Text and Catholic Church Governance
Biblical Theology Bulletin, Volume 38

March 3, 2007

The Eucharist and Justice (PDF)

December 21, 2005

What Our Bishops Might Learn from Peter Drucker (PDF)

April 17, 2005

Reflections on John Paul II: "Yes and Yet" (PDF)

May 22, 2005

The Election of Cardinal Ratzinger as Pope: Have We Been Given another [St.] Benedict? (PDF)

August 21, 2004

Religious: A Prophetic Voice in the Midst of a Violent World (PDF)

November 2, 2003

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Celibacy Interview with Crosby (PDF)

November 18, 2003

Why Bishops Won't Talk about Celibacy (PDF)
By Tom Fox, NCR publisher
National Catholic Reporter, Vol. 1, No. 152
Part One of Two Parts

November 19, 2003

Talking about Celibacy (PDF)
By Tom Fox, NCR publisher
National Catholic Reporter, Vol. 1, No. 153
Part Two of Two Parts

In What Do We Believe: "One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic' Church" Or One-half of Humanity, Roman, Curial and Apodictic' Group? (PDF)