Michael Crosby

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Michael Crosby’s lectures and writings invite his audiences to "aha" insights on key contemporary issues, especially corporate reform, church reform and spirituality. His efforts these days revolve around promoting a "road map" he's created. It helps individuals, groups and organizations move from control and conflicted relationships to greater collaboration and compassion.

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Lecture Topics

St. Francis - Lecture Topic


Michael’s award-winning, Finding Francis: Following Christ has been endorsed by Franciscan scholars as a “retrieval” of the core message of Francis. Others have said that it could make the world of today quite different “if the message of the Little Poor Man of Assisi were taken seriously” in the way the book outlines.

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Beatitudes - Lecture Topic


In 2011 Pope Benedict XVI said that the Beatitudes in Matthew’s Gospel offer us “a new program of life to liberate us from the false values of the world and open us to the true goods” available to us in these core teachings of Jesus. Michael has written extensively and lectured around the world on this topic. Many people have said their lives have been transformed as a result.

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Compassion - Lecture Topic


In almost all the great world religions, compassion is the goal of the spiritual life. For 20 years Michael has been lecturing on this topic. It has evolved into this book as well as DVD series called Choosing Compassion. Michael approaches compassion from the perspective of power which he defines as the ability to influence. He shows that, ultimately, our lives and relationships will be grounded in control that leads to increasing conflict or care that expands into ever greater forms of compassion.

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