Mix Durian with everything, even the durian paste

Durian paste is also called durian puree, which is made from “the king of fruits,” that is durian fruit which is quite popular in Singapore or South East Asia. The only difference between puree and paste is that paste is less concentrated, but the taste is different. Durian paste can be made at home like every other paste, and it can also be purchased in some of the retail stores.

Durian paste

The durian paste Singapore is made easily at home without an extra effort. it is made out of durian fruit. Many things can be made from the durian fruit like Durian Cendol, Durian Kueh Lapis, Durian Cupcakes, Durian Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcakes, Durian Smoothie, etc. Here are some steps to follow to make the durian paste:

For making durian paste, you need 1-3 tablespoons icing sugar and cooking oil 65g

  • Combine 40g glutinous rice flour + 65g water
  • Blend durian flesh and icing sugar until well combined.
  • Cook durian flesh with oil over low heat, constantly stirring until the oil has absorbed.
  • Pour glutinous rice flour liquid into the pan. Cook, constantly stirring for about 20-30 minutes until it forms a loose, shiny paste.
  •  You can also cook the pasta in the bread maker. Run “stir fry mode” for around 60 minutes until it forms a loose, shiny paste.

How to store durian paste?

It is recommended to refrigerate the paste for at least 2 hours before use. It should last for a week in the refrigerator. It can last for about 3 months in the freezer. It would help if you defrosted the paste, cooked it with oil, constantly stirred until it formed a loose and shiny paste again.