Finding The Best Feng Shui Consulting Singapore

Feng shui is a Chinese word which when translated in English, means wind-water. Feng shui is a traditional practice from China. The five art of Chinese metaphysics is very popular. Feng shui is one of the five. In feng shui, they use the energy forces of people to interacting with the environment. The concept of feng shui is largely based on the assumption that unseen forces are driving the world. It is believed that everything in the environment has an impact. Feng shui mainly was used for deciding the orientation of building especially spiritual ones like the tombs. The feng shui consulting singapore is very popular.

Elements of Feng Shui

Feng shui has five elements in which it divides everything. The five elements of feng shui are:

  • Wood- it channels growth and creativity. Mainly, the wood element represents trees, plants and green objects.
  • Fire – powerful element among the five is fire. Passion, expansion, boldness, energy and transformation are harnessed. The red colour represents it.

  • Earth – Stability and strength symbolise the earth element. Tan or brown colour represents the earth element.
  • Water- Emotions and inspiration are mainly associated with the water element. The colour blue represents the water element.
  • Metal – The element that combines all elements is metal. It mainly focuses on bringing focus and order. The colour white, silver or grey represents metal elements.

People who want to bring feng shui into their life can connect with feng shui consulting singapore for the same. If one wants to bring feng shui to their home, like in their bedroom, it involves simple steps. Beginning with decluttering under the bed, buying a headboard, using pairs, incorporating the right colours, using soft lighting, selecting inspiring artwork, and finally getting a feng shui expert on board.