The Different Varieties of Mexican Tequila for Delicious Encounter

There are two crucial kinds of tequila 100 % light blue agave tequila and mixto. The totally blue agave tequilas are processed entirely from the matured juices of your agave. 100 % agave tequilas are anticipated to get processed and packed in Mexico. In the event that your pot of Tequila is not set up aside as 100 % blue agave, the tequila is mixto and could have been highly processed from just 60Percent agave juices with various sugars. Tequila set up from just agave sugars come in Mexico, and are stamped Hecho en México manufactured in Mexico. Tequila is matured in solid wood barrels that happen to be generally made utilizing oak. As tequila is matured, it becomes smoother, using a woody preference and brilliant assortment. Maturing could cover up the agave flavor instead of many kinds of tequila are matured beyond 3 to 4 yrs. It likewise demonstrates firm created or packaged the tequila.

Blanco Blanco or Sterling silver

Blanco tequila is 100 % agave tequila that may be not matured or treated with added substances. This is the standard tequila that is very clear and straightforward and completely from the nevertheless. Blanco – furthermore alluded to as white colored or metallic tequila – ought to be packaged straightforwardly following the refining system. Tequila mexicano has scent and form of the light blue agave. It is actually key regions of energy for normally are customarily happy in the caballito or chance window.

Mexican Tequila

Oro or Gold

Gold tequila will probably be tequila that acquires its assortment by maturing in oaks barrels supposing it is actually totally agave. There may be in addition gold or Oro tequila that may be mellowed by having types and flavorings like caramel. This tequila is normally usually employed for making Margaritas.

Reposado or Rested

This is certainly Blanco tequila that has been refreshed in white colored oak barrels or tanks known as pipones for something similar to sixty days and so long as a year. The maturing on oak gives Reposado an easy taste, enchanting bouquet, and a pale tone. Reposado tequila helps to keep track of the sort of the azure agave and it is milder on the feeling of preference. The attention for Reposado tequilas has filled astonishingly around the newest a good lengthy although. The expenses have broadened also.

Añejo or Old

This can be one hundred percent agave, matured tequila that has been stored in oak something like 1 year. It is actually fundamentally Blanco tequila that has been matured. This tequila is fantastic in variety and will get its color and flavor from your oak barrels that it is matured. Añejo tequila posseses an unmistakable style that is obtained from your oak.


Even if not a classification by itself, it is really an amazing Añejo that specific distillers help save in oak storage units as long as 8 yrs. Reserva is probably the most preferred tequila available in the market as a result of its easy and sophisticated taste. These tequilas are furthermore on the list of total generally costly accessible.