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Chiranjeevi’s milestone movie is now available on aha for free. It’s a classic movie which was released in 1984. Starring the most beautiful Sushani and vijayashanti. There no telugu movie lover has missed watching this epic movie. It’s a great movie in all point views. This classic movie has no flaws, the storyline, cast, direction, name anything this movie has nailed it. The most interesting part of the movie is the challenge between Gandhi and Ram mohanrao. You must definitely watch this movie as soon as possible because classics are never a waste of time. Watch challenge movie online on aha. You can watch movies online for free on aha.


The movie opens with our chiranjeeviGandi stealing medicines for her mother, but by the time goes to hospital she will be dead. He will be helpless to pay the hospital bills. He has no one to ask and nowhere to go. At that time Harika visits the hospital as her mother is sick with her father. She lends him money as he could impress her with his smart brains. Gandi is poor with no home and money. He completes the funeral and walks on road, there he finds a girl trying to committee suicide. He helps her. They both go to lakshmi’s place. He tries to find a job. He looks at the ad and will attend the interview. After going to the interview ram mohanrao insults him in every way possible, there is a clash of thoughts. They begin to argue and at the end of scene Gandhi challenges Ram Moham Rao that he will earn 50lakhs in a span of 5 year. If he earns so much money ram mohan says that he will get his daughter married to gandi. The challenge is accepted by both of them. The story moves forward as the gandi earns money, what are the struggles and about its love life. See this challenge be entertained and inspired. 

Watch challenge movie for free online on aha

Technical Asset:

  • This movie has undoubtedly the best story, which can be replaced even after ages. It’s a classic and it will be forever in telugu films.
  • This movie has some powerful music. This is situational and inspirational. You can hear these songs even now and enjoy the tune.
  • The most impactful cinematography, Each angle till the last transition is made with perfection, in the midst of 1980’s this was much more unique and fresh.
  • Powerful Dialogues have played well in the movie. Each word out of the movie is meaningful and purposeful.

Why to watch:

  • You must watch this movie for it is a telugu classic movie
  • You must watch it to see the power packed young acting of chiranjeevi. She was so damn good looking.
  • You should watch this movie to know the value of humanity and how money can switch the human’s reality.
  • Watch how a movie in the 1980’s is taken.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Chiranjeevi

Actress: Suhasini, Vijayshanti

Director: A. Kodandarami Reddy

Producer: K. S. Rama Rao

Watch Challenge movie online in telugu as a legendary movie. Watch movies online for free on aha.